Haitian food is flavorful, delicious, and typically simple to prepare! Once you get the hang of the basics, you can make the food of Haiti without much hassle at all. Haitian food draws influence from France and West Africa as well as the Caribbean. Its ingredients are typical, but the preparation of these ingredients make the cuisine truly special.

“The people of Haiti take great pride in how food is prepared and served. No matter the economic class, food is always served with such grace and appreciation.

Unfortunately, Haitian food doesn’t get much recognition. Our food is very delicious and is made with lots of love. No matter where you are in the country, no matter if you are in a wealthy person’s home or a less fortunate person’s home, you will be served with high grace, love, and appreciation.”

Haitian Food, including the most common ingredients.

Rice and beans are common. Corn meal, plantain, and flour porridge are also common.

Vegetable meals are cooked as a stew, like this Legume recipe which can be found on my site. This meal includes cabbage, eggplant, carrots, onions, to name a few. It is very delicious.